Thursday, July 29, 2010

Straight to the Heart with Savoir Faire!

Imagery and illustration play a huge a part in our lives. Essentially we are visual people and are heavily influenced by what we see. Visuals play a huge part in advertising and nowadays especially when it comes to fashion, perfume and accessories there is a heavy reliance on “glam” style advertisements which are essentially using sex to sell. I like my imagery to get me thinking.

The below illustration by Andre Marty of a Poiret evening gown conveys two purposes. First we see the dress, and then there is the story. It is left up to the viewer to guess what has just happened. Has our young heroine been shot through the heart in a fit of rage by a jealous lover? Or has it been a stray arrow from cupid?

The below from Le Galion for their perfume “Sortilege” (witchcraft; supposed practice of magic; sorcery) is also telling a story. Is our young lady enraptured with a new beau, using voodoo to gain his attention? Or is she seeking revenge?


  1. Well, you can tell I grew up in the 80' first glimpse of the Poiret, I started singing "Shot Through the Heart" by Bon Jovi. What a SAD state of affairs!

  2. me too.
    And you're to blame, Jill. :)

  3. Old perfume ads have so much more style, elegance, and creativity than new ones. A few years ago I stayed at the Lutetia Hotel in Paris, and the halls were lined with framed vintage perfume ads, which were gorgeous and interesting. When I returned they had changed the decor and removed them.

    I especially admire the ads that are drawn or painted rather than the way today 95% are photographs. My favourite ads are those by Gruau and Vertes.

  4. SWF- I agree so much with you. See these two posts if you have not already done so..


    I have always collected old ads and Have quite a collection with some Vertes framed and in my hallway where they always ilicit a comment.

    That hotel in Paris must have been wonderful


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