Thursday, July 29, 2010

Savoir Veronique!

Veronique Leroy, Belgian by birth shows just the correct amount of paired down elegance with her latest prêt-a-porter collection for the woman on the go. These are not fussy clothes, but easy to wear and practical which makes them a savoir faire favourite. heavily relying on cut and fabric to achieve her concept, this collection in my eyes seems almost like a homage to Balenciaga!


  1. I love the third dress. It's quite unsexy, like a potatoe sac. And that's why I like it

  2. gorgeous collection. new designer to me, thanks david. love this style. jx

  3. Such classic cuts and perfect hues here David, I LOVE them! Ready to wear clothing is essential for our time but I still love the fussy clothing too. :-)
    Have a lovely upcoming weekend my friend, cheers!

  4. Joe, You are absolutely right. Being quite shapeless it is sexy.

    Jules, Glad you like them.

    Kimmy, I lve the fussy clothing also, howver sometimes just a trite impractical. Have a good one

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