Friday, July 30, 2010

Terrace Savoir Faire

The weekend is fast approaching and how I wish I was jetting away somewhere glamorous and full of savoir faire. Unfortunately I am working both Saturday and Sunday, volunteering. Whenever I do go away, food, restaurants and bars feature big and if it has view more the better.

So feast your eyes on some of the below bars/restaurants/terraces I would like to be this weekend!

Oyster Bay Hotel, Durban

Cipriani's Venice

Boundary, London

Eresin Hotel, Istanbul

Hilton, Sydney

Isis Hotel, Bodrum

Moon Bar, Bangok

Press Lounge, New York

St Georges, Rome

Totts, Hong Kong


  1. David,
    What do you say about a non-stop flight to Venice, we could be there in 8 and 1/2 hours tops, dinner around 8?
    Lovely photos David and it is such a shame you cannot get away at the moment, but you must know volunteering is much more rewarding, how kind of you.
    Have a lovely weekend, cheers!

  2. Ok, so your working saturday and sunday, but I'm sure we could sneak in a quick drink at Moon Bar, Bangok!

  3. Kimmy, Missed the flight. I love the volunteering. I actually feel like I am helping. Have a fabb weekend.

    Will, I would love too.

    Nevin, Thought you might like the Turkish ones.

  4. I agree with you, terraced restaurants are beautiful, and whenever I'm in Europe I seek them out. If there is a view and situation, in Europe they will use it to advantage. Here in Toronto, we are sadly lacking in beautiful restaurants with terraces. And the food here is usually bad.

    My favourite terraced restaurants are those on the Amalfi and those on the Rhine river surrounded by vineyards.

    Your post makes me want to go on vacation.

  5. SWF, you are so right about Toronto. I have see some gret potential here, but nothing seems to get done. The Amalfi or the Rhine, call me when you are going!


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