Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekend Savoir Faire

Now If I was jetting away I would need something to wear for said restaurants, bars and terraces and I think that Paris Designer Alexis Marbille has come up with just the ticket. These are resort clothes at their best which can go from day to evening effortlessly!


  1. Ted Allen on Chopped is getting me all worked up about three piece suits. I wonder if my husband would consider it? I love the double breasted suit in the 5th image and I wouldn't mind having the cardigan in the last.

    I always look forward to your comments. I just wanted to tell you. I lost a friend several weeks ago and I've decided to hold nothing back from now on.

  2. Great outfits, I'm all over that grey jacket.

    P.S. The last model is a little tasty!

  3. I love that fourth look a lot.

  4. Jill, sorry to hear about your friend. I like Ted's syle however his sneakers ruin it for me. I will have to fight you for the cardigan.

    Will, it seems tht tyhe last look/model is proving a little too popular.

    Jason, I am with you on this one.


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