Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Starck SAvoir Faire!

Incredibly busy these last couple of days and today, so just a small post today. Philppe Starck has designed the latest limited edition for Nina Ricci’s L’air du Temps. One of my favourite perfumes just proves that a classic can move with the times and hopefully appeal to a younger audience.

I have always loved the Lalique bottles with the double or single doves and Starck’s design brings the romanticism up to date, albeit a bit harder. The doves are just recognisable, and the steel tipped wing, blends beautifully with the glass.

A lot of savoir faire with this one!


  1. I know it...smells wonderful :-)

  2. I'm not a big fan of Phillipe, too many of his designs are strange and impractical. Actually I don't know what to think of this design...all I know is that the yellow juice and the frosting evoke classic L'Air du Temps which in itself is pleasant. I commend the company for making an effort to stay modern. I love the old bottle with the single or double dove stopper, but it too has never been practical. It is tippy and top heavy, and vintage examples are always chipped...which is very sad when looking at vintage Lalique.

    Thanks for keeping us au courant with this venerable French firm.

  3. My Mother used to wear L’air du Temps when I was a little girl. I was enthralled by the bottle. So beautiful.

    The Stark version...I don't see the doves. All I see is a dangerous steel beak or claw.

  4. I'm not enthralled with it or really any of Stark's designs. I think that he is the most over rated designer out there.

  5. one of my favourite perfumes! if i had seen the starck version alone, i wouldn't have recognised it.

  6. Jill, My mother used to wear this as well, and I still love it. It is one that has not changed much over the years like others out there.Beak or claw, now I see a shark fin.

    Belle, yes he is overated however I do like the fact the Ricci is trying something new to update the image of the perfume.

    SWF, I am not a big fan also. See comment above. I have several of my mother's old Lalique bottles and you are right, they are a little impractical and prone to chipping, or as in one case on a single dove the stopper has broken off completely at the base.


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