Monday, September 13, 2010

Mainstream Savoir Faire

I am not usually a fan of the H&M designer collaborations, however last year did see me line up for the Jimmy Choo diversion collection at H&M. While I was not overly impressed with the women’s wear and shoes, I did snap up for myself the men’s jeans and a pair of brown suede Chelsea Boots. I have to say that jeans have served me well and are one of my favourite pairs and the boots, I just adore.

It is with anticipation now that I wait for the next collaboration which is with Lanvin! Both women’s wear and menswear will be available, and I would be telling a lie to say I cannot wait! I used to think of myself as too old to line up, however am definitely considering doing this on November 20th when the collection is released. A preview will be released on November 2nd, so this might be the deciding factor!

"It wasn't a project about a dress for less," Elbaz (artistic director for Lanvin says. "I think I loved the idea that H&M is going luxury, rather than Lanvin is going public. I thought it was a smart project so I say, 'I do.'" And so do I.


  1. You made me curious now, although I didn't like anything from the Jimmy Choo collection or the Sonia Rykiel... still can't wait to see hahah!
    Have a pleasent afternoon.

  2. I knew H&M has done several collaborations with celebrities, but only recently have they begun extending into designers like Jimmy Choo or Sonia Rykiel. I liked the store to begin with, but I really like how Elbaz put it: "H&M is going luxury". I'd be more excited if I could wear H&M pants, but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless!

  3. that good news, finally I can wear anything from Lanvin.
    David thanks

  4. I've only been in an H&M store once in Manhattan about a decade ago. I've never been back. But my daughter loves H&M. Now with Elbaz designs for the brand, I may again venture into the store.

  5. Alber Elbaz's Lanvin and H&M???? I had NO IDEA. Can't wait to see the collection.
    I have a piece from the Lanvin and Acne Jeans collection and love it to death.

  6. I look forward to seeing your "stash". No H&M here sadly...and no online presence either, which just sucks!

  7. Spoiled, I thought the womens wear for Jimmy Choo was actually quite trashy. Sonia Rykiel I didnt mind, so waiting with baited breath to see what Lanvin comes up with.

    Nostalgia, H&M is a bit Hit and Miss and I have had some good purchases. One of the few brands of trousers and pants that actually fit me.

    Bico, be ready!

    Belle, it is worth a visit. I always thought it was too young for me, but as said before have picked up a few good pieces.

    Mary, I didnt know Lanvin had worked with Acne. Line up early.

    Jill, Be nice and I might pick you up something!

  8. oh im so jealous we still have a while till H&M come down here to sydney but im loving the jeans and boots i might have to do a overseas trip again!

  9. Sam. You will just have to plan your trip around Nov 20th. when the doors open it will be crazy!


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