Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flirting with Savoir Faire!

I remember my mother wearing Tweed by Lentheric when I was a small child, and I could never have imagined that the below might have ever happened to her.

Don't our young couple exude all the confidence and savoir faire in the world? She is confident in the knowledge that her perfume is going to attract the opposite sex, and he is confident in the fact that that he has the perfect opening line!


  1. I can't imagine wearing a perfume so strong that a motorbike rider beside my car might be able to smell it! I feel sorry for the people on the airplane! Perfume is supposed to be subtle.......

  2. I love the guy on the scooter. These are classic ads.

  3. Classic and timeless ads. Lovely post.

  4. I'd like to see someone try that today...!

    Besides, what regular man of any time would be able to recognize a brand of perfume?

    Still adorable. I very much enjoy vintage adverts.

  5. I love the innocent look of these ads...makes me feel so nostalgic for my very young childhood years. I have never heard of this perfume though!

  6. I adore vintage perfume adds! I have them all over my house framed: Lanvin, Nina Ricci and many more I can not remeber the names at the moment. I think the art of drawing this adds as beautiful as the aroma of the perfumes. My choice is Chanel # 5.Yes, I know :-))), not very original, but I simply can not wear anything else.Thank you for the wonderful post!


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