Friday, October 22, 2010

Savoir Faire on the Soccer Field

True to the Italian nature it seems that Dolce & Gabbana also love soccer! Just recently they have designed the uniforms and leisure wardrobes for two soccer teams.

Italy’s World Cup team wore the below, which really set them apart from the majority of the other teams participating in this year’s World Cup.

Secondly the boys from Milano Beach Soccer must look a treat on and off the field in the below.

It is nice to see some savoir faire on the sports field, who says you can’t look good and play as well!


  1. I'm going to the Stanford/UCLA soccer game tonight.
    Trust me, no one there is going to be that well dressed.

  2. I find it telling that so many designers become much more practical when designing uniforms be it for an airline or a sports team. Suddenly the women (and men) stop being oversexualized. Designers can design for the real world when they need to, and certainly none of them wear their own outlandish creations. Most male designers wear jeans and t-shirts. A few like Tom Ford wear suits.

  3. Those beautiful Italians. The Carabinieri in Rome wear dark blue uniforms with red stripes down the side of the trousers, they’re designed by Valentino.


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