Thursday, October 14, 2010

Paint the Town Red with Savoir Faire!

When was the last time you painted the town red? To do it with Savoir Faire I suggest the following for the ladies. Warning some travel is involved so make sure you are up for it.
Check into your favourite Red hotel, if this one doesn’t suit:

you might like to try the Emporium in Brisbane Australia.

Paint your nails and lips your favourite red.

Splash yourself in the scent of red with Rosine’s (Paul Poiret) Coeur en Folie perfume (Sadly just a memory from the 1920’s)

Then don the perfect red suit from Dior,

To drop into Hediard of Paris for some tea.

Buy the perfect red flowers on your way to Lalique to dream about the perfect red vase.

And then a quick stop into a gallery to view your favourite red Matisse.

Back to the hotel to recharge and choose the perfect red dress and nobody does it better than Valentino!

Match with the perfect red party shoe and you are ready to go!

Cocktails at the Cristal Bar in Hong Kong.

Or the Shanghai Club in London.

I am sorry to say that for dining you have to make more choices between

Ultra in Toronto

Le Rouge in Stockholm

Or the Rote Bar at the Sacher in Vienna

And after dinner it is up to you!

Remember that having savoir faire is not about how much you spend or really where you go, but how you do it! Its all about finding your own personal style and doing the things you love, smiles and attitude carry themselves more than anything money can provide!

Gentleman please don’t feel left out, as there will be something for you coming soon!


  1. These are all so amazing. I love all the red.

  2. I love red lipstick when it is worn by a beautiful woman...simply smashing....and Matisse is always so special...I adore his work!

  3. Oh... I'm getting a headache already from that obscenely red hotel lobby...! I do hope the rooms aren't that color X(

    (Thanks for the birthday wishes! When is your big day?)

  4. J'adore! I've got the nails and the lips so I'm half way there :D Thanks for the heads up about the Rote Bar in Vienna, (I might go there this winter so if I do, I'll make sure to drop by. I'll let you know if I did)
    And last but not least, thank you for the comment- I hope you get used to the Canadian snow eventually :)


  5. I can't agree more, when it comes to fabulous dresses, nobody does it better than Valentino!! This is a lovely post, so much eye candy I can barely take it!
    Nancy xo

  6. Isn't amazing how much of a strong reaction one can have to red? Loads of red makes my heart race. I love the red featured party shoe (although I don't think I would ever be able to pull it off..)

  7. Oh, but I've loved that particular Matisse forever.

  8. Thank you David you always put a smile on my face ;)

  9. yay, brilliant, love it! i instantly thought valentino when i started scrolling down and low and behold there he was. along with that gorgeous lalique piece and an absolutely killer pair of shoes. you've made me a happy girl!

  10. I like the red room at the Sacher. They have other rooms in the Hotel that are done in a single colour, like deep blue. Such a powerful design statement is bold and reminds me of David Hicks.

  11. Whilst in my twenties, I painted my living room red, I was inspired by Diana Vreeland.s famous salon.
    It was horrible, took three coats of white to hide the tragedy and every winter when the heat came on the radiators glowed pink.
    X David


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