Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sleeping With Christian Lacroix

We all know how much I love Christian Lacroix! As a designer he is unrivalled in his sense of colour, historical references and technique. Much collaboration has ensured utilising the talent of Monsieur Lacroix since he left the world of haute couture. With companies from Air France to Avon utilising his amazing capabilities and the cachet that a Lacroix design has.

Although it is becoming increasingly rare to be able to wear Lacroix except for vintage (and sometimes vintage is the only way to go) now we all have a chance to sleep with him! Ok not with him personally, but in several different hotels in Paris. It seems that the talent of Monsieur Lacroix knows no bounds and interior decoration is something he excels at.

Hotel le Bellechasse, Saint Germain has been entirely decorated by Lacroix and each of its 34 rooms is as individual as he is. Unassuming from the exterior upon entering the guest is immediately assaulted with an amazing array of colour, texture and design which is a tour de force and a feast for the eyes.

The Hotel du Petit Moulin is located in an old bakery in the Marais.

Lacroix says "I immediately fell for the slightly twisted perspectives, the maze-like passageways on the different floors and the new functional areas which have been added in full respect of the "old Paris" style of the classified parts of the building."

Slightly more modern than the Hotel le Bellchasse there are typical Lacroix motifs throughout the hotel like the use of coral, however each room takes its references from the history of the Marais where the hotel is located, from the 18th century through to the sixties.

Both Hotels are typically Lacroix with references and pieces all through history used in the decoration, with of course an amazing selection of colour and texture abounding. While of course not to everyone’s taste, both these places are somewhere where I would want to rest my weary head!

"I always loved the idea of hotels, of the journey around a room" Christian Lacroix.


  1. Your right about Lacroix becoming unwearable...except on AbFab of course! I think the heart Venetian mirror on the red tile is very sexy in a sweet way.

  2. It was in le Marais that I first encountered a Turkish toilet, having a pee was always an adventure in Paris back in the day.
    I wonder if Lacroix referenced them in one of his rooms, I hope not.
    You post the best images, I just wish they would be huge when you double click on them. I do not know how to do this on my own blog but I find myself constantly wanting to see the details in everything you present.
    X David, NYC

  3. I would love to stay at either one of these places...the second one in particular...both are going into the someday file!

  4. Thanks for this posting - I love the fact that every room is so different and I imagine that particular rooms get requested, and re-requested. Now, I'm wondering does Mr. Lacroix live in as vibrant a space - I'd love to see his own home. ,,, Mark

  5. Jill, yes the mirror is nice, reminds of those very glam 70's style bathrooms that used to abound.

    David, What a funny story! I think you have a choice as to what size you can place your images. I remember choosing a medium size as I didnt want to take them to take ages to load.

    The Zhush, Many thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower of my blog! Yes definitely a must stay!

    Mark, I have seen photos of Mr Lacroix's own abode and it is much more restrained and elegant, however there are still the wonderful colours etc, but more refined.

    Superglider, So do I

  6. I'm not a fan of the Lacroix aesthetic, but I think he is original and interesting. I feel that there are too many things happening at once, although I prefer that to a bland, generic minimilism. Many of his ideas are powerful enough on their own without adding more. For example I like the bold silhouette and the oversized insects. The heart mirror on red ceramic tiles is effective and very Lacroix.


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