Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas in Vogue

I just love old Vogue covers! During the 1920’s right through to the 1950’s and early 1960’s, they showcased the work of some of the leading artist’s and photographers of the day. They were full of wit and humour and Christmas issues were no exception. Nowadays I find the covers somewhat lacking in imagination and somewhat bland.

Here are some covers from Christmas’ past that really get me in the mood. They were exotic and full of colour and heavily stylised, symbolising the lavish aspect of the season with loads of savoir faire!


  1. I coudln't agree more -what has happened to Vogue? No more great artists, great writers....I fear vanity fair -which had been so great for so many years -is going the same way lately.

  2. These are so fabulous. Now all we get are actresses and celebrities. Where is the artistry?

  3. Yes, when I look at these incredible covers I think Vogue has sadly lost the old magic. Still, these are so wonderful David. Thanks for posting them!


  4. I love them...I did two posts on my blog about vintage vogue covers...they are so stunning and the art work is amazing...such and inspiration...great post btw!


  5. Hi, David,

    A great collection - I love seeing the evolution, but have got to admit that the very first one is my favorite. Merry Christmas from Mark!

  6. Fabulous collection David!
    Visual delights!!


  7. omg ! they're gorgeous !! that calls for storage as well ! ^^

  8. I remember when such December issues and their covers were so eagerly anticipated, collected, and saved. Nowadays they are bland, generic, and lacking in charm. These examples are something modern day editors should aspire to.

    Thanks for bringing these wonderful images back for us to enjoy.

    Joyeux Noel!

  9. Great post! Love your blog. SO glad I came across it. Following now. Hope you can check out my blog + do the same. Have a beautiful day.


  10. Fantastic selection. The 1940s one with the jewelry spelling out Vogue! Lovely...

  11. i'm a great fan of vogue covers. these ones are so magnificent! the back issues are so special.


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