Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Baby!

As Yardley says take “His Advice” and have a scented Christmas this year and of course you will be in the good books!

Or in Schaiparelli’s case Santa looks like he is taking a little break for a dip in lets hope a hot spring in between deliveries.

Revlon’s Santa is stepping out with all the Savoir Faire in the world with Charlie.

Guerlain is extolling Santa’s second sense for knowing exactly what we want for Christmas!


  1. I want a new Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb!

  2. These ads are so fab! Not to mention the window scenes below...
    That Charlie ad...I remember this from years and years ago...I wanted to be that Charlie girl!:)

  3. That Charlie ad was so iconic when I was young!
    It must have sold millions of bottles of perfume.

  4. Oh what fun flashes from the past! Yardley was my favorite in the whole Carnaby Street era! But the Guerlain I think is my favorite - so chic yet festive and fun!!

  5. With all those deer, I'd think Santa would be advertising musk!

  6. "Charlie's" brother went to college with me, and he was one of the most flagrantly beautiful human beings ever to draw breath before one's eyes. In fact suffering was nullified by the recognition that he had no more than 1 or 2 peers in that cruel department in any one academic year, and that when he graduated a year ahead of one, we would all be promoted a notch. But then a miserably handsome class of Freshmen was matriculated, and we all shuffled about under punitive eclipse. The moral, I suppose, is that Santa has his work massively cut out for himself, with her on his arm.

  7. Charlie ads are classic~ youtube has some fab ones! Enjoy your weekend David!!


  8. Oh my gracious...Charlie!! (Trying hard to think of that model's name. I think I used to know it!) Okay, I had to google it...Shelly Hack, that's it.:) Love all of these David!



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