Monday, January 10, 2011

The Evening Jacket With Savoir Faire

Savoir Faire is just loving these series of jackets for men, for hitting the town in party mode!

These are all by different designers and follow the same train of thought, Why should women have all the sparkle?

With designers such as McQueen and Raf Simons represented , these certainly ooze savoir faire.
However for the man who is not afraid to try something different and new, they are so glam!

The detailing and the amount of workmanship is highly evident even with the shadowy photography, which leaves us wondering what the overall effect is.

Not for your average night out on the town but for something truly special, cut a dash and try one of these on for size!


  1. My initial impression of these photos was that the black of the shadows was part of the design, and were I in that industry, I'd probably see if I could push the design to that look. My pick is the last one - it looks like a bit of the raj.

  2. Im my collection i have a gold blazer with black sating binding "AMAZING" so true some men designers are scared to follow the trends like i make a lace blazer when lace was huge and a floral tux blazer lol its all about standing out for me ;)

  3. I accept the opportunity for exhibition in dinner dress, as in all others, but these concepts ignore what I care about for myself - fabric and cut -and are apt to complicate a hostess's seating assumptions, unless she has been alerted. But I appreciate that some men feel expressive in discomfiting discomfort, and to purchase that expression can be seen as modesty, when all else is said and done.

    I jest, a little, David. The interesting advantage to being a lightning rod is the lightning one draws, and the evening is not a bad time to be one.

  4. Yikes, those jackets scare me a little.

  5. ===============================================

    Super David !

    The golden one reminds me a documentary where we saw Karl Lagerfel bought one quite similar in a New York's shop .
    ( His assistant said : " only you Karl can wear that kind of Jacket " )

    And if i would like like like to wear the third one too ( from the top )

    Thank you very much for your royal presence !
    I don't know why so many People come on mine ( it's incredible acccording to Blogger's satistics how many they are ) and almost no one leaves me a comment....strange ! ^^
    ( maybe cause they would be ashamed to be discovered on a blog where the owner show his XXX.....? ha ha ha ! ^^ ....)

    Have a super super new day Super Friend !

    Your fashion designer friend,


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