Saturday, January 8, 2011

Savoir Faire has Gone to the Dogs

What better way to spend your weekend with savoir faire. Break out the hounds and spend it in the Mediterranean!


  1. David you always find the perfect images!!

    Art by Karena

  2. ============================================================
    " Break out the hounds " ....Thanks to you i learned new words ! ^^

    The men garments you choose are so chic !

    And i like a loooot thes pics with roses on !
    I'm sure you noticed all the shirts i made with that magical flower on, right ?

    Some Spiritual People say about that flower some kind of spirits live in it , and they are there to spread LOVE all over the world !
    And....It's not an HASARD if it's VIRGIN MARY 's Fav flower ....

    Thank you so so much for your words...You bring me joy !

    Have a great sunday Super Friend !

    Your fashion designer friend,

  3. Lovely~ I need to slip on summer gloves this year!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Where do you find these David? I love it!

    I'm trying to imagine walking 2 Great Danes in all white and heels..and that makes me love it even more!!


  6. hey david , this is my 1st time visit ur blog. and i love ur blog :)
    check my new blog post " Today my life begins " and leave ur comment.

  7. Ladies, nothing would please me more than seeing you all walking the hounds with gloves and heels! If the hound are not available the goves and heels will suffice!

    Jean-Pierre, may be that it is it.

    Tara, welcome and I hope to see you return.


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