Thursday, January 6, 2011

Savoir Faire Italian Style

Only half way through winter and design houses and Savoir Faire are already thinking of what we are going to wear in Spring/Summer 2011? I know it seems a bit pre-mature for this, but hey we need something to keep our minds off the snow that is starting to accumulate outside! I am always impressed by the Italian's innate sense of style and their designers. One that always manages to impress is Bottega Veneta.

Now, I am not some young 20 year old, however there are certain elements from the 2011 Spring/Summer Collection which I would wear. Thomas Maier for Bottega Venata is taking us on a summer holiday filled with mixes of hyper casual and semi formal in outfits in a monochrome colour pallet.

The emphasis here is on a fine balance between technicality and refined technique mixed the ease and movement of athletic wear.

The ease of movement behind these super smart casual suits does not betray the fabulous tailoring that is lurking beyond those seams. They are classic and would suit any man who wears his clothes with confidence.

Even these are short shorts, the styling is brilliant, in a Indiana Jones meets Tarzan sort of way.

Although colours border on shades you might find in camouflage wear, they are just right when presented as a whole.

Definitely something to translate into our everyday style!


  1. David, amazing! I am not very much into men's fashion altough I can, most certainly, understand the beauty and aesthetics of a well dressed man. I have to admit, that the picture befor the last one made my heart skip for a second or two there. :-))) I hope you had fantastic time on your trip! I hope 2011 had a great start for you. I am looking forward to another wonderful year of friendship with you and a new year of visiting your beautiful Blog!

  2. I had the good fortune to spend time in Florence several years ago, and I was impressed by how well Italian men mixed style and casualness. True of the women, too, of course. We didn't see any sloppiness.

  3. You have a good eye for it love the style!

  4. It is tooooo early...I'm freezing! That said I really like the casual men's suits...thought they were very sexy!

  5. Never in a million years could I convince my husband to wear the shorts ensem, but if he did...we would not be leaving the house!

  6. Thomas Maier is rad!
    BV is still my fave after Hermes~
    Enjoy your weekend David!!

    ps: don't let any spiders bother you in your basement(wink)

  7. ooo...I love that white suit! Perfect for the summer

  8. It seems all one color makes you look thin and tall.
    It doesn't chop you up at the waistline.
    I like it. I hope they stop making clothes with horizontal stripes.



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