Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Irresistible Savoir Faire

Feeling a bit light on posting tonight as feeling a cold coming on, however cannot resist the femme fatales below. Isn't just the whole point of a femme fatale?

Literally translated as a 'deadly woman', these are anything but! Supposedly ensnaring their prey with irresistible bonds of desire, and proving deadly, they just oozed style and glamour.

So be ensnared with the below and transport yourself back to a world of film noir, husky voices, curling cigarette smoke and a leading man you could just die for!


  1. Shake that nasty cold and get better! We want you always around to show us the way to beauty and fashion. Get well soon.

  2. ===============================================

    Super David !

    Maybe you know i always answer you on mine but, inspite of this , let me once again tell you that, like i like-like your taste, your presence means a lot to me !
    >>> THANK YOU !

    Here you give me to take the time to watch some Marlène Dietrich 's movies ! ( i can't say i know her, but i have a lot of glamours'pics of her in my mind )

    And Christian LACROIX !!! How talented !!!
    His sketches are so wonderful !

    And here is an anecdot :

    one day in Paris , i was walking just behind " L'Opera Garnier "
    A taxi car just stopped at that moment....And the man who was in it and passed then just a few centimeters in front of me , his bag open fulls of paper ( he certainely worked in the car ) was ....The master himself !!
    ( and i didn't have the courage to talk with him.....But at the same time he was so fast...)

    And i have the same story with Jean-Paul Gaultier in front of a Cinema ( still in Paris )

    And one night, in A VERY INTIME STREET , i was alone with.....JOHN GALIANO !!!!!!!
    He was alone ( that was so weird to me ) ; he didn't notice me, and here too, if i wanted....I COULD have talk with him !

    RESULT : Wonderful Life gave me three Magical Chance to " Say Hello " to Beautiful Soul....I missed them !

    But i'm grown now !....( and i have a Super Guardian Angel ! ^^ )

    Have a very creative new Day my Super Friend !

  3. I have given you the Stylish Blog Award. Please visit to know what to do next and Bravo!

  4. I hope your cold is better now.

    I don't smoke and I never tried but I love photos of women smoking a cigarette.

    I have a photo of me "smoking" a cigarette with a holder. I don't know where it is but when I find it I'll post it.

  5. I hope you feel better soon. I absolutely, love the very young Lauren Bacall in Key Largo...she has always been so cool. Katharine Hepburn goes without saying....her style is absolutely timeless.

  6. Oops! I've had my coffee, and put my glasses on, and realize that's not KH...but still love her

  7. David,

    Classic Beauties indeed!! Love these images!!

    I believe I could have lived in that era!

    Art by Karena

  8. great post and great picsss!!!


  9. Kevin, many thanks but seems to be getting worse! Trying to schedule some posts if I am ill.

    Karo, many thanks for your visit. Your blog is cool!

    Karena, it definitely was glamorous!

    Traveller, its amazing what a coffee does!

    Joe, yes there is always something about a great photo of a woman smoking. Would love to see your picture.

    Jeanne-Aelia, Many thanks for the award! I am very flattered.

    Jean-Pierre, what wonderful stories and almost brushes with fame. Maybe one day you will eclipse all three!

  10. OH - Old Hollywood is just fabulous and always inspiring..


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