Friday, January 14, 2011

Racing Savoir Faire!

For many the weekend means attending a race event, the sport of Kings. Who can deny the excitement of 'your horse' crossing the finish post and winnning!

For ladies it means donning all wonderous assortments of hats and the like, and possibly buying a new outfit just to attend.

All these young ladies are doing it with savoir faire, as befitting the sport!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Let's enjoy a weekend with the same glamor as your photos have, David!

  2. The first shot reminds me so much of the Ascot Opening Day Scene from "My Fair lady" but I don't remember that as Audry's hat. Where is it from?

  3. That wouldn't be Faye Dunaway, looking anxious at Santa Anita, I suppose. She looked so terrific, having just dismounted from her ride in the first reel of "Chinatown," that the keen attention of that film to "early" Los Angeles was just gorgeously established. David, you'd have loved it. The drinks weren't watered and the waiters were waiters, and did their work well.

  4. ================================================================

    It's a pity most of People today don't choose to be so GLAMOUR/CHIC anymore.....( according to my point of view of course )
    ...Or maybe they think they are ? ^^....

    Have a Super New Weekend too Super David !

    Your Fashion Designer Friend

  5. David, where do you get all these good savoir faire ideas? great!

  6. One of my modest regrets is that as a youth living in England for a year I turned down an invitation to join a schoolmate and his parents in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. As I look back on it, I believe the inconvenience and expense of renting the rig from Moss Bros, which weighed heavily on my teenaged shoulders, would have been but a trifle when compared with the pleasurable memories I would have to this day of seeing the English upper classes at play in such finery as was required for admittance to said enclosure. Ah, well.

  7. Il duce, I do believe it is Hepburn, doing a modern take on the scene you speak of. The chapeau is Givenchy.

    Laurent, "Chinatown" and la Dunaway is one of my favourite movies, panned at the beginning but now truly recognised.

    Jean-Pierre, they think they are, however not realising that less is more.

    Traveller, that is my secret.

    Reggie, I am glad that it is a modest regret. One should not wonder what could have been and who one could have met. Your story of why you did not attend is much more charming!

  8. I absolutely love the choice of pictures!:-) The hat on the first picture is something beyond amazing! I now wonder if it is made of white felt...Thank you, David!Always such an inspiration to visit you.:-)

  9. Wouldn't it be amazing to still have that glamour, wow, such style! x


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