Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bicycle Savoir Faire

If only I could dismount from my bicycle looking as good as this young man? Invariably my hair is a mess from my helmet, my trousers are tucked into my socks, and riding with such a heavy coat? Well forget it!

It is nice to see that he is being safety conscious with such a bright yellow shirt. When I was 18 I saw a bright yellow men's suit in the pages of Vogue (it was the late 70's), so immediately enlisted my mother to make me a bright yellow shirt similar to the one below! Now if only I had kept that shirt!

I also do some heavy duty cycling in the summer which involves the wearing of much lycra, which I am not even going to get into on a blog about savoir faire!


  1. very chic, but I don't think this could work for everyone (the yellow shirt)...
    <3 Cara
    Lilac and Grey

  2. A great image - the very classic bike is an important counterpoint here. He wouldn't have as much savoir faire (and neither do I) with my bike in the background!

  3. Some of us like a man in lycra...Just sayin....

  4. Mr. BHB commutes to his office by bike four days a week. While Mr. BHB is certainly handsome and exceedingly fit, he isn't nearly as chic as the young man in your post.

  5. Yellow is such a cheerful color!
    Remember Mr. Smiley face?

  6. ===============================================

    Ask your fav tailor to make one for you !
    So beautiful with that black tie !

    I'just bought some wonderful lignt blue/grey fabrics to create two new shirts for me .

    Have a wonder friday !

    Your fashion friend designer

  7. Wow how fab! Thanks for the comment..I was a bit worried with the religious undertones but its beauty and intrigue could not be ignored!!

  8. Jean-Pierre, make sure you show us your shirts when they are finished.

    Lenore- do I ever! I love yellow and I loved my shirt.

    Belle, I am impressed! I wish I had the fortitude to cycle to the office.

    Il duce - I hear you!

    Cara- it has to be the right shade of yellow.

    Mark, neither do I

  9. One does have the lycra gear you note, and finds it rather repulsive and makes one feel rather silly when wearing it, or trussed up in it--all just to pedal a few miles on one's bike. I seemed to have done just fine without all the gear as a child, when I was on my bicycle all the time, and never found that not owning or wearing a helmet put me in undue peril, either.

  10. Reggie, You did hit the proverbial nail on the head with your comment. However I do admit that when cycling a 100 or so kilometres a day the lycra does have its uses. Certainly makes the physics of movement a lot easier.


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