Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stealing a Million with Savoir Faire!

You can not deny that Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of female chic and style. When teamed with the debonair Peter O’Toole you have the ultimate in Savoir Faire! Their only movie together “How to Steal a Million” is one of my favourites. The movie transports us into a world of casual, sophisticated elegance which seems effortless. And it was for these two. They didn’t have to try, regardless of makeup, scripts, extras, sets and directors; they were born with the savoir faire gene.

I just love the following photos, both stills from the movie and behind the scenes, which illustrates this perfectly! The pictures speak for themselves!

So if you haven't got a million to steal, you can stll dream about it with some inspiration from Audrey and Peter!


  1. I need to re watch this classic, could use a dose of good old style glamour today!

  2. Oh, I adore them both. One of my favorites!!


  3. Great movie!! And they both are awesome!


  4. Yes indeed, they have savoir faire. I've never seen this movie, and have just made a mental note to rent it on my next trip to the store. Don't you agree though, that Audrey Hepburn was much more beautiful without all that makeup? It looks like pretty heavy pancake!

  5. I need to go back and watch those classic movies.
    They are fabulous and their fashion style is to die for
    Lee x

  6. I'm greatly fond of Peter O'Toole's style and work - to say nothing of La Hepburn - but I've still yet to see this. Well played

    Stills photography really had a flair for atmosphere in those times


  7. I could watch those Hepburn movies over and over. I think apart from her beauty and acting ability, there was a modesty and kindness in her personality that was always evident, no matter what role she played. And of course we saw it all the more in her final years when she did so much important work for UNICEF. Elegance of stature and of character....

  8. I love that movie....partially because that hairstyle reminds me of my mother when I was really small.

  9. Thank you all! For those of you that have not seen it I suggest that you do so right away. It is a wonderful lighthearted romp through Paris in the 60's, oozing with style.

    Jason, your mum keeps getting better in my eyes! She must have been so stylish.

    Mr. SWF, her work for UNICEF was truly inspirational. Once she was in Sydney for UNICEF and I was visiting a friend who was staying at the same hotel as her. As we got into an elevator I was conscious of an extremely elegant woman in the elevator as well. Once I recognized who she was and nudged my friend, Ms. Hepburn smiled and said graciously "yes, it really is me". I was so in awe!

    Andy, absolutely fantastic.


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