Monday, January 24, 2011

Was it really like this?

It would seem that SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) was the airline of choice to travel with for Savoir Faire in the late 1950’s early 1960’s.

Not only were you provided with a red carpet when walking across the tarmac to your waiting DC 8 jet, you also received a fabulous smile from a pretty Nordic type stewardess.

Travelling by night, it looks as if our prospective passengers are going out for a night on the town at a fashionable restaurant, instead of flying. Furs and cocktail dresses for the ladies and lounge suits for men are de rigueur as they board their Caravelle jet to be whisked away for a night of champagne and cocktails.

Was flying ever this glamourous?


  1. Though I never got the red carpet treatment, I do remember everyone dressing up, and I remember stewardesses always wearing white gloves. I loved getting hot, steaming face cloths on JAL, and I certainly miss getting full meals, even for relatively short flights. The ironic thing about those meals is that people had a tendency to complain about them at the time. They wouldn't today!

  2. my mom's DREAM was to be a stewardess...those were the glamourous days of flying...

    PS. we are flying down to costa rica on a private jet in 2 weeks, I am hoping that will be pretty glamorous :P

  3. ======================================================

    Yes we are far from this treatment cause of the low prices.....but flying stays so Magical to me !

  4. I would sure love to travel like this!


  5. I can remember even in the late 60's dressing up to travel. Now people arrive in pajama bottoms...what a difference a few decades make!!

  6. Absolutely fantastic blog!! I'm so happy to find you via CotedeTexas. I've started my own blog and store that I hope you'll visit and even follow - maybe. I make one of kind bottle art I think you'll really enjoy! Off to read more ... just wanted to say hi!

  7. Mark, I know United used to have something called red carpet service however I do not think it was anything like this!

    Cara, I am so jealous! Pictures and a post please! MAke sure you wear your fur!

    Jean-Pierre, I am like you! I just love flying, no matter where and for how long!

    Designchic, I never thought of it like that, but you are absolutely right!

    Crystal, Thanks for visiting. off to check yours now!


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