Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coming up Roses at Roger Vivier

Feast your eyes on these spring inspired shoes from Roger Vivier! Roses abound on theseViviercreations, whether it be in sequins or tartans.

Basically the same shape several of these fabulous shoes use different materials and finishes to great effect. It is a true testament of the designer to turn these into looks with completely different personalities. Using detail to great effect like the small spur imitating a rose thorn on the back of the heels these create impact with a high degree of femininity. Not for the faint hearted!

The classic sling-back is updated with a wider strap at the back and a red patent rose for impact.

Savoir Faire pays homage to Roger Vivier for accessorising our modern day Goddess' of spring with suitable armour to go forth and conquer her world!


  1. Anything with a heel, and i'm spell bound. These are particularly lovely though! Thankyou SF for thinking of our armaments : )

  2. I like the Roger Vivier shoes that were designed by Vivier himself, either under his own name or for Dior. The Duchess of Windsor had many, many pairs of them. They were much lower and I think more chic and elegant. These seem strained, trying too hard, and in light of all the tragedy in the world recently, perhaps inappropriate.

    Shoes date terribly quickly, and yet for all their inventiveness and chic, any pair of Vivier shoes from the 60s could be worn today and receive many favourable comments. The man himself had incredible style, and his homes were examples of great taste, almost better than work by Givenchy or David Hicks.

  3. Wondering to myself at this moment why I don't own a single pair of Viviers! hmmmm....

  4. elles sont toutes MAGNIFIQUES, j'adore

  5. Jules, Am always thinking of you my dear!

    Jill, Thought you might be swooning!

    Mr SWF, I too am fascinated with Vivier's creations for Dior as they were unique and no one could ever come close to making shoes like that again. They were works of art. I am now intrigued by the man's style as you have mentioned.

    Lenore, of course your are!

    Zhush, you might have to remedy that.

    Agnes, many thanks for your visit!

  6. I LOVE these but don't think I could actually wear something this high. I particularly the tartan and raffia ones!!


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