Thursday, March 24, 2011

Savoir Faire with Mr. Miller

There is no doubt about it, that over the last couple of years men’s fashion has been re-inventing itself to offer us a wonderful array of looks and new styles. The runways are full of new interpretations of classics and new innovations. Long gone are the days when menswear consisted of the basic shapes that were constantly being tweaked for today’s modern man.

Matthew Miller explores notions of masculinity and design with his collections, which focus on today’s modern man. Miller’s men are confident in what they wear, looking to the future with set ideas on how they will look. Traditions are mixed with new techniques and lines to create extremely practical clothes.

Not only do I Like the clothes, but also the way each collection has been photographed. The same model is used creating a uniform look that proves that these are pieces that are unified in the design, cut and execution. These are pieces that are made to mix and match, providing a variety of different looks, depending on your mood.

The Autumn/Winter 2011 collection below combined traditional shapes with new textures mixed with a colour pallet that ran from reassuring beiges and oatmeal’s to acid yellows and cobalt blues. This is a nice injection of colour into the otherwise boring black that all seem to wear in winter.

Shapes are geometrical and masculine emphasising masculinity and taking us into the future. With this unique line, you won’t be accused of being bland and boring.

On the other hand, Spring/Summer the lines are a lot softer almost the complete opposite of the winter collection. These are incredibly easy to wear pieces that can be mixed and matched for a variety of looks. Colours are more neutral to combat the glare of summer sun.

Definitely a designer to watch for in the future!


  1. Ah, the colour blocking! I love it! The model is kinda tasty too ;)

  2. I love that kind of blue (: xX
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    keep in touch!
    if you can, vote for me in my last post!

  3. I love the concept of having one model show a set of clothes, and I think the photography is great, too. One thing that I notice is that the first model is rather waif-ish, which translates as lack of confidence (in what he is wearing).

  4. I really like best his autum/winter collection..just thought it was better and I want the tshirt on the second picture and the cape!..very dramatic I love it!

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  5. ==============================================

    Superbe collection Super David !

    I would love to wear the fouth electric blue " coat " we see when we discover your post .

    Here Liz in Cleopatra is a real Doll !
    And she lived us just after the death of her big friend Mickael Jackson....

    As for your pixs in China : I'm impressed !
    Impressed cause they are perfect !
    You also got this talent !! Bravo !

    Have a magical new week end !
    ( i'm in a hurry to discover the other photos of that great journey ! )

    Kiss_Kiss !

  6. Will, The colour blocking definitely caught my eye, and BOTH models!

    Cris, that blue is one of my favourites as well.

    Andy, I will have to agree with you as I thought it was better also. Summer has its good points

    Jean-Pierre, thank you for your comments as always. The blue also is a favourite.

    Mark, I actually thought the opposite in spite of his waif like look.


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