Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tasty Savoir Faire!

Something to tempt your tastebuds here in the Beijing Night Market! A very vibrant atmosphere is teamed together with all sorts of Chinese delicacies! Some sublime, some well not so sublime!

The colours and the presentation of the various foods on offer was incredible and must have taken hours for the various vendors to lay out!

I am usually quite adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, however I did balk at the below! I guess if really pressed I would have tried.

All sorts of seafood was on offer, and also things all squishy that crawled under the earth!

These little sweet temptations were divine. I bought several as snacks on the way.

I hope that this gives you some inspiration for tonight's dinner!


  1. ==============================================

    It does too !! ^^

    Wowww thank you veryyyy much to share this trip with us too ( and please show us more ! )

    Really beautiful ones !
    Kiss_Kiss !


  2. Ops! David, great post!
    I was off my appetite!
    have a nice weekend,

  3. I don't think that I would eat anything in China off the street. I'm just not a big street food person when I travel to exotic locales.
    But I admire you for your adventurousness!

  4. I'm still squinting trying to figure out what they even are. I have a feeling that even if I'd have been there, I still wouldn't have known. :)

  5. You get extra credit for trying the local food, and now we know you're not just another meat and potatoes guy! I understand that the cooked insects are actually highly nutritious.

  6. WOW~I'm an adventurous eater, as long no furry pet in the menu!
    Fab weekend David!

  7. Ni Hao David,

    My you are brave. I lived 3 years in BJ, and never took the dare. I think perhaps I should have gone for it, but definitely not the skewered grasshoppers and scorpions. Did you go to a duck restaurant?

  8. Many thanks all for your comments. I only tried a few things,fortunately I really could not stomach the bugs on sticks!

    Marjorie, yes we did go to a duck restaurant and it was very tasty indeed. Amazing how they use everything!

    Lipooo, many thanks for you comment and visit!

    Lenore, there were a few un-identified things that we had on the trip, and hopefully none were named Spot or Kitty.

    Jason, you don't want to know!


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