Monday, June 13, 2011

Mile High Recycling

Ever wondered where old airliners go to die? For a variety of reasons many old airliners from the Boeing 707 right through to the Airbus A340 are taken out of service and mothballed in desert locales such as the one below.

Vintage planes are like vintage cars. They have a certain distinct style and class about them. Whereas many people collect vintage cars it is rather impractical to collect vintage airliners as cost and storage does pose a few problems.

Polished aluminium, the streamlined shapes, sleek forms of airliners past have a certain allure, which conjures up images of the jet set and the space age. MotoArt a company that specializes in taking old vintage airplane parts and making them into furniture and accessories brings this feeling right into your home or office.
All manner of items from, desks, chairs and coffee tables are fashioned from old airliners. Pieces are meticulously cleaned and polished, to create the ultimate in recycling.

While not for everybody these furnishings and accessories are full of savoir faire. However if there is an inner pilot or airline geek lurking inside these are just perfect.


  1. Hello David:
    The examples which you show here of furniture made from old aircraft parts appear to us to be very splendid and, as one off pieces, we can see them fitting comfortably, with a touch of drama, into all manner of interiors. Highly collectable, too, we imagine.

  2. morning darling!
    I know ebay is selling the old seats & serving carts recently... Would make a nice conversation piece i think! No, i did not bid! Fab week*

  3. Hi, David - This is one of my favorite of your postings, from the desert overhead (which would make a great painting) to the very handsome furniture designs. My choice is the first round table — very elegant, and what a conversation piece!

  4. Hi David thank you so much for visiting and great to hear of you work with Ten Thousand Villages!

    The Air-Art furnishings are very cool!

    Art by Karena

  5. all that chrome shines up nicely....flying, it never looked so good.....

  6. That furniture looks like it should be in a Bond movie!

  7. Oooo...I'm by no means an airline geek (actually planes kinda scare the heck out of me) but these are very cool!
    Love those tables especially

  8. I think this recycling is amazing! I would totally own one of this pieces

    The Black Label

  9. Love this post. I have always wanted to use airliner parts as outdoor sculpture on our farm...I can just see polished side panels standing in a field or a wing emerging from the ground...

  10. Is the first image from the Tucson area?

  11. did I spell tuscon right? tucson/tuscon...dammit.

  12. I would so buy one of these pieces! I guess I take a little more appreciation in them since I am always traveling by plane. Haha, thanks for the comment on Ab Fab. Totally knew what you were talking about.

    All the best, Angel

  13. Jill, it could be Tunscon, as I shamefully stole it from Google Images.

    Angel, so glad you know what I am talking about!

    RAndy, well find an old 747 and sculpt away!

    Andy, they are rather special aren't they? Especially the tables.

    Jason, time to get over your fear!

    Belle, you are so right. I can just see Dr. No sitting at the desk!

    Lenore, why not! Food cart as a cocktail cabinet would be fab!

    Mermaid, yes there is something about polished chrome!

    Mark, I am so glad that you liked this. MAny a good conversation would be had!

    Jane and Lance, as always I enjoy your comments!

  14. how cool, i'd certainly put my hand up for some of this industrial chic!

  15. OK I am now on a hunt for more images like this! So cool and original, must file.

  16. They make lovely furniture indeed.


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