Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stopping to Smell the Roses

One of the things that I like about travelling in Europe especially in summer is the fact there there are flowers and gardens everywhere.

From small window boxes of herbs in Estonia to wonderfully creative natural style gardens in the middle of London, I just had to stop and smell the roses!

I always think it important to cultivate plants and flowers as it does give one and others such joy on all sorts of levels.

The Tivoli- Copenhagen

The Royal Palace-Stockholm


Warnemunde - Germany



  1. Beautiful flowers...I really love how they just brighten up everything...we have a garden in the back...it still need some adjustments to really make it look like an eden haha...but I find it quite beautiful as it is now

    The Black Label

  2. As one who is keen on boutonnières and knows a rather keen gardener (I call him "Dad"), I definitely endorse the spirit of this entry



  3. I agree, one of the best things about Europe is the flowers. I am especially delighted by the window boxes in Bavaria, Switzerland, and Austria. Their hanging geraniums are incredibly profuse, and they have little shields to protect them when it rains (geranium flowers don't like to be wet).

    I think I spied those blue and white urns at the palace in Stockholm at the wedding of Daniel and Viktoria, last summer. Aren't they beautiful? You'll be in for a culture shock when your return to Toronto. We need more flowers, although the new planters along Bloor St. really are something to behold, don't you think?

  4. I love the flowers too! It was the first thing I noticed one my first trip to London, many years ago. Ofcourse, I was coming from the desert of west Texas, so I have always been amazed with pretty flowers because they were so foreign to me.

  5. Hello David:
    Public parks apart, we always feel that it is so generous of people in cities to cultivate plants largely for the pleasure which they will give to others.

  6. wow totally love these pics!!!
    super cute!! love the flowers one!!!
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  7. A lovely posting, David. I especially like the flower bowl resting in the blue chair seat. A nice alternative to the flower bed.

  8. David,

    Absolutely love this post. The florals in The Royal Palace and Estonia are especially gorgeous I too think it is important to cultivate plants and flowers... always adds an air of charm and natural yet groomed elegance. In Rome at Springtime, I mainly noticed small pots in window seals and rose blooms amongst ivy on old apartment walls. It seemed a bit rustic and unkept - lovely indeed. I feel the English and the French might have a lot more grandiose and manicured gardens than that of the Italians. All so lovely though!


  9. Like a breath of fresh air in this hot stagnant weather we're having here. Thanks for sharing them!

  10. You've got an eye for beauty, what a beautiful way of seeing the different countries.

  11. Beautiful! Between you and infomaniac I'm inspired to do a garden post!

  12. Great photos! The Tivoli looks like.. just pure beauty!

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