Monday, July 25, 2011

Technologically Brilliant Fashion

Shaun Samson is a California-born British-trained menswear designer who has just launched his own label in 2011. With a strong desire to pursue design, Samson moved to Los Angeles where he successfully completed his first AA in Fashion Design. He continued further studies in Manufacturing and Product Development under scholarship at FIDM. Furthermore he moved to London to pursue his education further at Central St. Martins, earning a BA and MA degree in Fashion Menswear.

Samson quotes that he designs ‘Men’s Modern Street wear.’ His design style is masculine, relaxed, and has an essence of the sartorial. He believes the modern mans’ wardrobe should be wearable, effortless and special.

While the menswear environment can often appear to be limited, Samson has experimented and manipulated fabric and materials to create new textures and a silhouette that will take some by surprise.

What I am loving about Samson’s designs is that he has taken such traditional British objects such as tartan travelling rugs and aran knits and crafted them into something totally unexpected.

He has experimented with and mastered techniques such as smocking and felting and used these to blend together different fibers into one continuous piece. The seamless transition from knit to fabric impresses me as I wonder how it was accomplished. This is technologically brilliant!

Samson recently won the International Talent Support award for Collection of the Year. The prize was judged by a panel including the likes of Viktor & Rolf, Antonio Berardi, Hilary Alexander and Mandi Lennard. His winning collection, was in Samson’s words about “the distinction of urban tribes – how each Scottish class has a distinct and unique tartan,” explained the designer.

“I kept the silhouette simple so that there was an ultimate focus on the fabric and the combinations of different materials.”

Not that I could pull any of this off, however definitely one to watch for the future!


  1. I rather go for that look, but I am a bit thick in the middle these days & think the tunic would help me feel better, if not the plaid...

  2. Wow is truly impressive that work is unique..never seen something like it before..though I don´t know if I would wear it...the shapes might be a little bit to much for me..I think others would actually rock this pieces...great post David

    The Black Label

  3. Very interesting, very different. I don't know how I will look in these, but these models sure look smart.

  4. I like these a lot. Very interesting. I would love to see close-ups of the trousers. And any idea where they might be sold?

  5. Hello David:
    Most definitely different and very striking too. As you say, the blending together of the different fabrics is quite remarkable. And we love the tartan.

  6. Forgive me for saying so, but this is not a style I'd be caught dead in. I do think, however, the blending of fabrics is very interesting, and definitely something I'd like to see adapted to other styles (which I would wear).

  7. Very striking and yet easy on the eye. Love the relax feeling these clothes convey despite of the use of heavy fabrics. Definitely one to watch for in the future!

  8. What a great look ... the the blending of the patterns and adore the plaids!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  9. And still it has got a Middle Ages look about. Well, I guess it is just the magic of it!

  10. Many thanks all for your comments and the ability to recognize the great workmanship in these pieces. Alas on me they would not be very flattering.

  11. I do love tartans and their historic connotations, but this is interesting and innovative way to make them look modern and new. Quite amazing. And how smart of you to find such things and present them to us!


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