Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sacrificial Savoir Faire

It is wonderful to see these innovative and interesting pieces design in men’s jewellery.
Basically limited to the usual chains, bracelets, rings and cufflinks, it seems that where men are concerned designers sometimes forget that we also like the allure of gold.

Now that gold prices are reaching all-time highs, maybe it is time to invest in a few of these conceptual statement pieces from Bevel in New York.

I am calling this Sacrifice before the fall, as the broody-boyish model is befitting of a sacrifice adorned in this somewhat macabre jewellery.

The line features ornate head pieces and necklaces that recall animal spines, and earrings that look like some wild breed of gilded insect crawling up your ear. As fine and delicate as the vertebrae of a sparrow, these shapes are melded and merged into what could possibly be occult ceremonial jewels.

We won’t be seeing these on the street I am sure, however as museum art they are fabulous!


  1. Very interesting jewelry..I really like the necklaces! Truly a different view from what we are all use to

    The Black Label

  2. i was just given a '60s diamond/gold pinky ring. very tony soprano.
    i placed it in the security deposit box.

  3. the elf ears are a bit much, but I like the necklace.

  4. Speaking of gold! Do you know where you can get gold appraisals? I have a Celine white gold necklace that was given to me as a gift and would like to know mostly for insurance purposes, how much it is worth. Most jewelers are charging an arm and a leg though! I think the collection would have gone ahead because her other work was decent. The film is done by the way, just waiting to defend and then I will contact everyone!

  5. Stunning!! Here in Kansas City, Tom Tivol from the Jewelers family has an outside appraisal business.


    Art by Karena

  6. From pocket squares to tribal inspired jewelry.. keep them coming David.. really enjoying these posts.. Thanks !!

  7. coincido contigo en que esto no lo vemos en la calle ni de coña ejejeje :)

    Besos desde

  8. So moody and it

  9. Adorei seu blog muito lindo, e vim te convidar para dar uma passada no meu e se gostar pode segui-lo e comenta-lo que logo farei o mesmo beijos...

  10. Andy, yes very different than what we are used to. Kind of remind me of a Lady Gaga video.

    Norma, get it out that box now!

    Cara, yes but beautiful!

    Jason, what have you got against elf ears?

    Mermaid, yes you would have to be special

    Javaom, I have a few different posts coming

    Antonio, no, we will no see on the street

    Jill, moody and broody, of course you do!

    Henrique, many thanks for your visit. I am going to check your blog now!

    Lance, thanks for your visit.

    Anthea, I am not to sure, however have you tried the jewellers on Yonge opposite the Eaton Centre? Good news about the film!

  11. I agree with Javaom — pocket squares to elf ears — you cover all the bases, David. The jewelry in this posting somehow reminds me of the Dune Trilogy.


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