Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paris in New York

Now isn’t this just one incredibly stylish and fantastic home in New York. Herve Pierre creative director of Caroline Herrera although being a thoroughly modern man, has created within a New York a thoroughly Parisian and French home with an utterly romantic eighteenth-century sensibility.

Having once being the head of haute couture at Pierre Balmain at the tender age of 24, he has lived in New York for the last 15 years and he has created an environment which would combat any Parisian’s sense of homesickness. “I am in New York during business hours,” Pierre explains, “but at home I need to be in Paris” and this sums it up perfectly!

The home is is filled with unusual accessories, hat boxes stacked haphazardly, sculptures, and works of art. (tip: to achieve the look you can buy Schiaparelli hatboxes on ebay quite reasonably)

The coffee table is currently buried under pile upon pile of fashion and design hardcover books and magazines, rather than stowed away on shelves or in amoirs. Also a wonderful afternoon tray awaits.

I am a lover of perfume and perfume bottles in particular and love seeing those huge old dummy perfume bottles in stores and always lusted after them. I used to have a friend who had several and filled them with spirits such as gin etc, for the coolest cocktail tray you ever did see. Well, Mr. Pierre, must share my love as his bathroom contains a few wonderful examples.

Drapery is used with maximum effect for theatricality on beds, windows and any other area that can support it.

The apartment is positively overflowing with beautiful details, such as a curtain tieback made from a Balmain glove. It is the little details that count!

I must say I do like his philosophy, if you cannot go to Paris, bring Paris to you!


  1. What a fun place! I think my favorite detail is the gloves used as tiebacks!

  2. What a wonderful place to see...being a Fracophile and lover of fashion, this is so interesting. Quite the collection of Hermes boxes there. I admire the porcelain on the tray, these are modern Sevres reproductions of the 18th century Sevres pieces Marie Antoinette used at her faux dairy at Versailles(hey, she was the first "Dairy Queen").

    I like the French factices too, and have a couple in my bottle collection. Isn't the big, dark Lanvin one the best?

    Very interesting post, you always find great things to show us.

  3. If you don't tell this apartment is in New York, one will never know.
    This apartment reminds me of the one in Bernardo Bertolucci's movie " The Dreamers". Same way lots of books, hat boxes and "charming Parisian clutter.

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

  4. David I could move right in and be completely comfortable! So chic, elegant and comfortable.


    Art by Karena

  5. Ohh what a gorgeous apartment...dream place! The decor is delightful he sure did an amazing job at it.

    The Black Label

  6. Overflown it is! All that Hermès boxes!

  7. That first image is to die for. I absolutely love the purple and those hermes boxes provide the perfect punch of color. I'm also in love with the portrait in the bathroom. What a fantastic home!

  8. Hi David, I absolutely love everything about this home. I like my fair share of modern elements, but vintage mixed in and.. well Paris?! Just perfection.


  9. Since I am moving out soon, this is very inspiring! Looks expensive though haha.. Makes me want to go back to Paris!


  10. I remember seeing those toast pics before!! Thank you for reminding me! I love this space it is soo so chic!!
    Nancy xo

  11. oh I'm not one for such ostentatious display of shopping. I don't want to live in a store. Now, ostentatious displays of wealth--that's another matter.

    joseph the butler.


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