Monday, August 8, 2011

Green With Envy

Emeralds have been favored by many of the world’s most notorious and richest women, from Cleopatra to Catherine the Great and Elizabeth Taylor.

If you are not green with envy, maybe these will stir your emotions as they did Ms. Taylor’s.

Commissioned from Bulgari in 1962 Elizabeth Taylor’s emerald and diamond necklace with detachable pendant-brooch is one of the finest modern day examples around.

She first received the pendant from her fiancé Richard Burton as an engagement gift and then later he gave her the necklace for their wedding.

Taylor was given a choice between two spectacular emerald necklaces. "I tried on the huge one, then the smaller one, the huge one, then the smaller one. By this time we had been joined by Bob, a dear friend and Richard's dresser for years. Richard asked him which he preferred. Bob couldn't decide either. I tried them on one more time and said, 'Richard, I think I like the smaller one.' Bob said, 'Mr. B., you can hardly get girls like that no more!

The piece became one of the actress’ favorite jewels, wearing it on numerous significant occasions.

Richard Burton could be seen visiting the famed jeweler in Rome during the filming of “Cleopatra.” He joked that the only word Taylor knew in Italian was Bulgari.

Another exquisite emerald for which Taylor is famed is the emerald and diamond cluster engagement ring which she received from Richard Burton.

Other Taylor emeralds include the earrings and the brooch below.

Are you green with envy yet?


  1. Oh forget the emeralds...I want the hat!!!!!

  2. I need to get engaged and someone propose to me with this! Haha.. Love it..


  3. Oh, just gorgeous David! And I love how this jewel tone has been all over in interiors lately as well!

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my door today, I so appreciate it :) Hugs,
    Nancy xo

  4. Oh an emerald, and no one had more beautiful ones than Elizabeth Taylor!!

  5. Liz was quite a jewel monster, she used to talk about them the way she talked about men. :)

  6. Liz and emeralds go together like bees and honey. I cannot look at an over the top bauble without thinking of her and she wore them like noones business! Beautiful post!

  7. As if I refuse a gift so luxurious with, lol.


  8. David, this reminds me of a great story about Helen Hayes. She once was at a party with her husband, playwright Charles MacArthur. He came up to her and placed a handful of peanuts in her hand and said, "I wish they were emeralds."

    Helen Hayes just loved the gesture, and retold the story to friends over and over and over. Years later MacArthur came up to her at a party and placed a handful of emeralds in her hand, and said, "I wish they were peanuts!"

  9. I'm covered in verdigris I'm so envious! You all might want to remember by Birthday's coming up....

  10. I was just going to say, forget the emeralds...I need that headress!
    I suppose I'll have to wait in line, based on these comments.
    No problem, I'll just make my own...cigarettes, bridal flowers and tampons it looks like :)

  11. Funny how Liz Taylor was so demonized. She was thought of as a self-absorbed tramp who in fact entertained and fascinated the world with her charisma, earthiness, and beauty. The beauty and extravagance were self promoting, and she became very rich. When she died, millions went to charity. How selfish is that? We shouldn't judge a book by the cover.

    The jewels are terrific...the ones around the neck and the ones on either side of the nose.

  12. I've been wanting a "simple" pair of emerald drop earrings, every since Angelina Jolie wore that pair to the one of the Awards ceremonies a few years ago...I don't remember what she wore, but I remember those earrings. Great Post!

  13. Emeralds - my favourite green & stylish gems! I especially adore the earrings. Simple & classy.


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