Sunday, August 7, 2011

Think Within the Square

What sets you apart as a man of savoir faire and style? Where would Gary Cooper and Bogart be without that one small detail to their wardrobes that you too can adopt?

A pocket square’s subtle presence speaks volumes about a man and makes a powerful statement about your personal style. Whether they are plain white linen, bold checks or the finest of silks, these modest additions come in an endless variety of colours, fabrics and patterns, which can add just the right amount of panache to you and your outfit.

For the last couple of decades men around the world have hardly given the breast pocket on their suits or sports jackets any attention at all. To the modern man it has always an extra place to store sunglasses or business cards and some men have just never even bothered to undo the stitching in the pocket when they have purchased a new suit.

However, men are once again rediscovering the art of sporting a pocket square.

The origin of the pocket square goes all the way back to the ancient Greeks. Wealthy Greeks carried around perfumed handkerchiefs as early as 500 B.C. English and French noblemen carried perfumed and embroidered handkerchiefs in order to cover their noses from the stench of the streets and other people.

In the early 1900′s, a dapper gentleman would never leave the house without a pocket square tucked neatly into his suit’s breast pocket. Yet by the latter half of that century, the pocket square began to go the way of the hat. No it is nice to see younger men adopting this as an integral part of their wardrobes.

When wearing a pocket square, remember that it must add just the right amount of contrast but should not be so bold as to clash. From suits to sport jackets, they are a stylish accessory.

Practically anything is the go, however don’t go too matchy matchy as it looks as if you are trying too hard.


  1. Ohh I love seeing a man with a pocket square..I´ve always believe them to be soo Savoir Faire! Btw I really don´t know how I get invited to such things haha its really wierd for me I just get an email like "you´ve been invited to..." and I´m like wtf? haha...though I´m certainly not complaining is great to meet new people and be able to see fashion in a much more closer look...besides its great material for the blog haha..I can´t believe you are not invited to events I mean c´mon where else can you find such a charming, dapper and intelligent fine gentleman as you?...They sure don´t know what they are missing!

    The Black Label

  2. I enjoy wearing pocket squares and have many vintage examples. I find that large or busy pattens are not effective because such a small piece is showing. I usually opt for plainer or solid ones, but sometimes in bright colours, especially for summer. They dress up a jacket now that fewer guys wear neckties. Any old scrap of fabric can be a very effective pocket square if the colour and design are right for the outfit. No need to pay big bucks for an Hermes...nobody really cares.

  3. Ha, your comments have seriously been making me chuckle! Especially what you said about the snuggie! Hmmm, I love pocket squares now that I look at these pictures.. I actually have never worn one but now you have inspired me to go out and buy one! Obsessed with the 4th, 6th and 7th pictures..

    Love! ~Angel

  4. Great Post vindicating the pocket square. I am afraid I am one of those who never even bothered to undo the stitching in the pocket :-)

  5. Liked reading about the history of the pocket square, David, and totally agree with you re: matching the tie with it - not good!

  6. Berlin is so wonderful. If you ever have the possibility to come to Germany, go to Berlin. I'm sure you'll love it. It's so artistic, inspiring, full of energy. And like the whole world in one city. So multicultural... I need to go there every year. I'm sorry to say but compared to Berlin even New York is boring. Not so versatile. GO THERE! :-)))

  7. I agree and it shows that a gent has taken the extra time to complete his ensemble for the evening or day at the office.(one that isn't business casual now)

    David thanks so much for visiting and am very proud you volunteer at Ten Thousand Villages!


    Art by Karena

  8. Hi!
    I love these bowties!
    A big hug!

  9. You are so right ... it is totally the small details that set the fashionably debonaire apart from mere mortal men :)

    Love the pocket square look ... so very dapper!

    ❤ Cat brideblu

  10. A pocket square...shows you care!

  11. I do love a pocket square and you are so right that they look best when they compliment instead of match perfectly!

  12. It's good to see that men still do this! I always thought it was a classy look.

  13. Hello David,
    so good to be back - and so many inspiring posts of yours to catch up with...
    You know, I actually think pocket squares aren't just great little details for boys. They can indeed look quite dashing on a girl in a sharply tailored suit, too. I have recently discovered the look for myself and I absolutely love it!

  14. I must say i have adopted this and my collection has grown so fast and im even using self tie,bow ties.

    The history behind it is so interesting to me thanks for sharing.



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