Thursday, April 16, 2009

a la Lambada

Ever wanted to know how the jet-set lives or what they are up to these days. Some say that the phenomena of the jet-set as a culture faded with the advent of cheap airline travel back in the early seventies. Wrong! It lives on in the art of Jordi Lambada of Spain.

Wallpaper which is one of my favourite magazines, can (I believe) be responsible for Jordi’s big break. I think one of the reasons why I only bought the magazine was for his illustrations within, which invariably included a full page as the very last thing in the magazine.

Through his illustrations we have a glimpse in to what the “bright young things” are doing these days, where they are going and what they are wearing. There is a definite retro flair in his work, which combines elements of sexual ambiguity, politics, cheekiness and savoir faire.

Hip bars, embassy parties, streetscenes, exotic pool side locations are all illustrated in a sophisticated style. Bright young things are seen in bars and restaurants enjoying the good life and society matrons (perhaps left over from the real jet set) are seen also, glasses of champagne in hand, being the life of the party.

Sexual ambiguity runs rife, which leaves us guessing to the character’s sexual orientation.

Occassionally a political undertone creeps in, such as the guard with a machine gun outside a gate, which is by no means threatening, but treated with a sense of playful flirting.

One of my favourite commercial artists, so get inspired, raise a glass of champagne, imagine yourself a la Lambada enjoying the good life.

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