Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Away with Savoir Faire

Who of us has not bemoaned the fact that travel by air these days is a trial? With long lines at check in and security before we even get on the aircraft, and then indifferent service once we are on board, we hark back to the days when flying was glamourous and fun.

One airline is constantly pushing the boundaries and at least trying to make it fun and take our minds off the trial we have had just to get on board. Air New Zealand has constantly won awards for service and ranks up there as one of the better airlines to travel with. However, they have had their fair share of controversy over the last year or so, trying to make the concept of travel at least fun.

First they produced the infamous “Cougar” advertising campaign which had feminists and other members of society up in arms. Then we had the “nude” flight attendant safety video, which even offended more people, with flight attendants and flight crews nude with body paint representing uniforms demonstrating the safety features of the aircraft.

Earlier this year they were lambasted for their new cabin crew uniforms which critics said made the women look like drag queens.

The latest safety video enlists the nation’s rugby team the “All Blacks” to engage their passengers to sit up and take notice. The video although sprinked with rugby terminology is a fun lighthearted approach which will grab passenger’s attention. Even though lacking the usual “savoir faire” usually found on my blog, it is nice light hearted relief that is at least trying to make flying fun again.

As a rule I generally do not post videos on “Savoir Faire” but could not resist with this one!

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend!

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