Monday, September 19, 2011

Hooked on Hicks in Paris

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of David Hicks. As most of you know there has seen a resurgence in the Hicks style, and his electric colours and bold interiors are making a comeback. The revival in part can be attributed to Christophe Aboville the brand’s artistic director.

The David Hicks France boutique opened in 1973 on Rue de Tourmon, just across the street from the first Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche boutique. Recently (well in 2010) the boutique underwent a renovation. Gone was the fashionable neutral palette of the safe 90’s, to be replaced with the David Hicks' signature hot pink, bright orange and brilliant red colorations. The boutique’s interior, coming straight from the psychedelic combines colors, geometric shapes, antique furniture and contemporary style. Chic while different from the conformist standards the Hicks style reigns supreme.

Thanks to Aboville, the David Hicks line of carpeting, wallpaper, furniture and objects are lovingly edited and recreated, from the original and are now available at the boutique.
A recent commission in Paris is the below apartment. It's unusual to see this amount of color in a Boulevard Haussmann apartment, which is most often a study in muted tones, however it works brilliantly.

”My greatest contribution as an interior designer has been to show people how to use bold color mixtures, how to use patterned carpets, how to light rooms and how to mix old with new,” –David Hicks on Living — with Taste (1968)
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