Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Looking to the Future

Over the last couple of years Parfums Piguet have been riding high on the re launch of some of the most iconic fragrances of the late couturier’s repartee, most notably the fabulous Fracas and Bandit of the late 1940’s.

Piguet opened couture house in Paris, 1933 with Pierre Balmain, Christian Dior, and Hubert de Givenchy all studying under his tutelage. He enlisted the noses of Germaine Cellier and Francis Fabron in the creation of his singular fragrances such as Fracas, stunning and as original as his gowns...

So at the start of the New Year let’s look to the future with the latest relaunch from Piguet in the signature black bottle, Futur!

The signature black bottle just reeks of refined simplicity, elegance and savoir faire!

When Futur by Robert Piguet was originally launched ca.1967 Monsieur Piguet had been dearly departed for 14 years and the couture house had closed its doors for an even longer period of time. Once a couturier was dead a sure fire money spinner is the production of perfume relying on the name alone to sell.

At it’s launch Futur was heralding in the space age as envisaged by Cardin and Courreges. The closely cropped bobbed hair and the enormous water drop earring are heralding this new age. Twiggy was a feminine ideal then and so the model resembles her. Futur in order to make sense to a young audience in 1967 needed to borrow from the signs that felt relevant and especially, current, especially since coming from a closed couture house.

Not exactly knowing how long the original was around for, Piguet have updated the image to be more concurrent with this day and age with out much reference to the future as previously imagined. If anything it has extreme fetish undertones which maybe what Piguet sees of the future.

Who knows what the Future holds?

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