Monday, June 22, 2009

Milan Savoir Faire 2010

Ok I profess not to be some 20 year old something with drop dead model good looks and a body too die for, so when I hear of the latest menswear collections from Milan or Paris, I kind of cringe on the outside while my inner self is thinking, mmmmm I would love to wear that!

Of course when we see a runway show, we see the beefed up version of a look and how the designer would like the whole lot to look like, before it filters down to a somewhat diluted version on the high street. As with most things I am a classicist and believe that good cut and quality make up for a lot of sins. I also say that one good piece will negate several bad ones. When in London I go crazy on Jermyn Street buying shirts from Hawes and Curtis, every day staples from Austin Reed, and then something a bit out there which I will wear probably once form some designer.

Milan this year seemed to be playing it safe in a lot of areas especially where cut and gimmicks were concerned. Given the economic crisis, designers are not experimenting with avant-garde clothing, but sticking to easy to understand, familiar styles from the classic suit to sporty shorts. The subdued summer palette makes the difference. These are not bright in your face colours, but colours that have been paired down with ease to make them wearable by all.

Gucci designer Frida Giannini, who showed her latest collection on Sunday, used pristine white to express optimism. But the silhouette was slim and tailored, offering what the designer said was "an effortless approach to luxury''. For evening, deep blue replaces black, and the stiffness of a tuxedo jacket is relaxed by Milan Savoir Faire 2010

Armani was Armani with classic suits albeit a bit slimmer than previous seasons taking the catwalk in a rather interesting colour pallet. The expensive simplicity of the line makes these clothes classics in their severity.

Resort wear was casual with a touch or formality which didn’t make it too stiff and would be totally at home on the terrace of The Mena House in Cairo while discussing the day’s sightseeing.

All in all not too bad, so if your budget isn’t going to stretch to a new Armani suit this season, wear last season’s with pride and savoir faire, knowing that true classics never go out of style.
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