Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To Blog or not to Blog?

That is the question; recently I came across a series of photos and articles of THE definitive party of the 20th century. Now we are not talking Truman Capote’s Black and White party here. This party puts Truman’s little backyard bash into the category of “MMMmm it was OK”. Extravagance knew no bounds with this affair, which can also just push it over the edge of savoir faire into just plain old tacky. Another reason I am not sure about whether to blog or not is the sensitive political undertones of this bash and the organisers.

However, to give you all a teaser and maybe to garner some public opinion, here are a few of the details.

Festivities lasted for 3 days with royal guests being accommodated in a specially built tent city created by the interior design firm of Jansen, in the middle of a desert.

The guest list included countless royals, (close to 60 or 70) from various monarchies around the world, including Princess Anne, Grace of Monaco and King Frederick IX and Queen Ingrid of Denmark.

Numerous Presidents, Vice Presidents and Prime Ministers including Tito of Yugoslavia and the Spiro Agnews of the USA.

The event was catered for by Maxims of Paris which closed for an unprecedented 15 days to carry it off. The menu included quails eggs stuffed with caviar and peacocks stuffed with foie gras, which was eaten off china from Limoges, and glass wear from Baccarat, commissioned especially for the event.

Uniforms for various members of an Iimperial Household were created by Lanvin, and perhaps the greatest extravagance of all, 250 red Mercedes Benzes to chauffer guests from Airports etc.

So shall we go further on this one?
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