Friday, October 29, 2010

Dog Day Savoir Faire

What’s this you say? Savoir Faire has dropped down a couple of notches in the style stakes by featuring a comic book character? And to top it all off his name is Dylan Dog? What is happening here?

However since it is Halloween, I have chosen to feature Dylan Dog, who believe it or not for a comic book character has a real life pedigree (of sorts) and has all the savoir faire in the fictional world. Maybe this Halloween we can take a few pointers?

Dylan is an Italian horror comic series created by Tiziano Sclavi, who took his inspiration for our character from Rupert Everett, who just oozes savoir faire from every pore. He is named after the poet Dylan Thomas, so with a pedigree like that you cannot really go wrong!
Our protagonist is a paranormal investigator (his title in Italian is "L'indagatore dell'incubo", which translates as "Nightmare Investigator") who questions and defies our preconceived concepts of horror tradition with veins of surrealism and anti-bougeoise rhetoric. For someone who is investigating the paranormal and downright spooky he is certainly stylish.

He is very set in his ways and lives in London, although will travel if need be as he abhors travel. He is defined by his clothes and always dresses the same way (maybe he knows what suits him?) in a red shirt, black jacket and blue jeans. He never wears an overcoat or even carries an umbrella, since, according to him, an overcoat "would ruin his look", and he thinks that an umbrella is a "useless invention. Especially when it doesn't rain."

Very old school he actually has hobbies including playing the clarinet, building model ships and literature. He is hopelessly old fashioned, not having a cell phone and records his memories with a quill and ink.

With a movie being released later on this year Mr. Dog, might soon be on everyone’s lips or nightmares!

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