Monday, July 5, 2010

If Wishes Were Horses!

“If wishes were horses then beggars would ride”, this was my beloved Nana’s retort whenever as a small child I would wish for something! That is what I loved about her she was always practical and with the aforementioned saying would goad me into doing something about my “wishes”.

Unfortunately she passed away this weekend. Am I sad? Yes. However I am also extremely proud! She had just celebrated her 102nd birthday last week. She was a source of inspiration and amazement to her 5 children, 19 grand children, 34 great grand children and 3 great great grand children.

All I can really say is “Thank you!”

The Short of It!

Being unbearably hot up here today in Toronto, it is one of those rare occasions when I have decided to wear shorts to work. A nice pair of classic seersucker shorts, just above the knee. I feel deliciously cool, while sitting at my desk.

Growing up in Australia, where it was always hot, we always wore shorts. To school, to work and of course to play! You would think that with such a long association with a pair of pants with the legs cut off that we would have had the short concept down pat many years ago. Alas it was not the case and it is only recently that the Aussies are getting it right.

As a school uniform I had a pair of dark grey serge shorts, which as you guessed it, they were unbearably hot in the 40 degrees temperatures which were the norm. Teemed with a pair of long grey walking socks, and there really wasn’t much to feel cool about.

Then came the iconic stubbie! I know what you are all thinking and no it is not a beer, but a short short which everyone wore. Sometimes, not leaving a lot to be desired. Now if you were a labourer laying bricks or such the stubbie was the way to go.

As a teenager, we all gravitated to the King Gee Khaki, which we nicknamed “Harry Butler’s” it is a long story as to why, however the below picture of Harry Butler might help.

Men regularly wore walk shorts and walk socks to work with leather shoes, as this was more suited to our summer climate. However this passed in the early 80’s when we were far too cool to wear shorts!

After a long hiatus of good design, it seems as the Australian’s are finally getting right (or not!).

Arthur Galan



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