Monday, July 19, 2010

Safari Faire!

Let’s go on Safari with Savoir Faire! On your next African Safari try a few of these little Savoir Tips to help you get started.

Safaris and travel in Africa was super glamorous as portrayed by Norman Parkinson in his famous photograph below “The Art of Travel” from 1951. Here our ever so cool, crisp and slightly prim model has just alighted from her aircraft impeccably attired to face the dangers of Africa. This was when travel was an art, and it was not necessarily the destination, but the journey and how you got there.

Fast forward to the 60’s where YSL and Verushcka gave us a very different image of the newly liberated woman, gun in hand, dressed in YSL’s sexy safari suit ready to hunt man or beast.

So, if I was going on Safari with savoir faire, here are a few things that should help us do it with a bit of panache. (However due to budget constraints, I will be all hot, dirty and dusty in the back of a land rover)

The perfect Safari Suit from Marie Streicheberger for men and for women the following little number from Isaac Mizrahi.

Luggage could include the below.

Instead of making our way back to a tent without running water we will be staying at Cottars or the Royal Livingston.

However if we are in a tent let us hope it has a view like this!

And if we are eating on the run, I am sure our guide will be using the below picnic set, to make us feel right at home.
Otherwise lunch or dinner at Savute Safari Lodge in Botswana looks as if it could be fabulous!

So pack your safari suit and have a Savoir Safari!
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