Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lucky Savoir Faire

Weil, Paris that veritable French perfumery between the wars was specifically known for their “fur” perfumes named after, you guessed it fur. With names like Zibeline, Chinchilla Royal and Hermine, they were a symbol of subdued elegance and class.

In 1943 they digressed from the luxury and the elegance with Gri Gri which featured native African tribal art for the ad campaign. Literally translated as ‘lucky charm” nothing is really known much about this fragrance. However I just love the art work.

Using small African statuettes in a variety of poses to symbolise the lucky charm, they are fresh and full of fun. With a bit of luck, like the statuettes with some “Good Fighting”, “Good Hunting” you will have some “Good Loving” as well!
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