Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Collections with Savoir Faire!

You certainly cannot beat these two images for some decorating ideas! I love collecting things however my collections pale to insignificance with these two examples.

The collection of white opaline glass on the white shelf against this blue wall is stunning. The white creates such a dramatic impact against the blue.

The next one of white ceramics in this white cabinet has just as much dramatic impact as the blue and white above, but in an entirely different way. Just the small hint of brown and black add a just a bit more savoir faire to an otherwise stunning display!

Savoir Faire in the Playroom

Travelling as a child on a great ocean liner in the past was rather democratic. Whereas there were great distinctions between the classes as an adult passenger, there was not much difference between the playrooms of each class except their locations. As a child you also didn’t have to forsake any of the savoir faire either. Take for example the 1st class playroom for children aboard the legendary Normandie.

If you just happen to be a child travelling 1st class aboard the Normandie, you were practically treated to the same 1st class savoir faire as the adult passengers. Nothing less was expected.

Children had their own theatre type playroom with a Punch and Judy show. Decorating the walls with painted murals and a plethora of toys around the room was bright and cheery flooded with natural light.

Seating was adorable painted chairs upholstered in red leather in the shape of horses which could be arranged theatre style or in any other way.

Dining for these children was no miserable affair either. They had their own separate dining room decorated with images of Babar the Elephant by the creator himself, Jean de Brunhoff. Wonderfully modern chairs and a plaid carpet set the scene. For dining tables were set with linen and china just like the adult versions in other sections of the ship. I am sure that if the adult menus are anything to go by that these children would have eaten just as well.

Sure a far cry from the Disney/cartoon character inspired playrooms and children’s centres on today’s liners!
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