Friday, July 29, 2011

Haute Culture in Toronto

As it is a long weekend here in Canada, one of our plans is to visit a new exhibition that will be opening tomorrow at the Art GAllery of Ontario.

Haute Culture features a selection of 300 works produced by the Toronto-based collective of Jorge Zontal (1944-1994), Felix Partz (1945-1994) and AA Bronson (born 1946).

Curated by Paris-based independent curator Frédéric Bonnet, Haute Culture: General Idea is the first comprehensive retrospective devoted to the collective. The exhibition is organized around five themes, each central to the trio’s production: “the artist, glamour and the creative process”; “mass culture”; “architects/archaeologists”; “sex and reality”; and “AIDS.”

Featuring rarely seen large-scale installations as well as paintings, sculpture, videos and magazines, inviting visitors to explore the Canadian artist collectives legacy a legacy that continues to inspire many contemporary artists working today.

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