Thursday, August 5, 2010

Below the Belt

Believe it or not one of my favourite belts and buckles is my old Boy Scout belt. I have been wearing it on and off for about 30 years. It incorporates a two of my favourite symbols, the fleur de lys is encompassed in the centre a reef knot and the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” is written above the knot. Everyone should have a motto and I have adopted this as mine.

I recently came across these fabulous Art Nouveau examples from Liberty designed by Archibald Knox and Oliver Baker. Designed at the height of the Art Nouveau movement these encompass all the hallmarks of the era. Silver and the turquoise coloured enamels are a fabulous combination and these leave me swooning.

On the other end of the spectrum these highly colourful resin buckles from Mark Joiner give an unexpected pop of colour where people are least expecting it!

Old Fashioned Savoir Faire

Call me old fashioned, however I always carry a clean pressed handkerchief with me. I am not talking a pocket square here, but actually those that you blow you nose on! (Shock horror). I loathe tissues. A friend of mine here loves the fact that I still use a handkerchief. Every year there would always be a box of handkerchiefs as part of a Christmas or birthday gift from my Grandmother, usually white Irish linen with a big letter ‘D’ in one corner in blue.

I like them plain and usually white. Sometimes a splash of colour or pattern is ok depending on what I am wearing, but usually white is the go.

However I can’t resist these from Thornback and Peel. I love the look and feel of these and the cute little screen prints. Definitely savoir faire here when you whip it out of your pocket.

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