Monday, August 16, 2010

Balenciaga Monday!

I can only try and hazzard a guess as to why the great Balenciaga and Carmel Snow (The Anna Wintour of her day) are shopping for a new coffee percolator! Maybe Carmel wants the master's advice on which will work best in her Paris appartment? This is so far removed from the gracious perfumed salons of Haute Couture, that there has to be a story behind it!

Savoir Faire Hit or Miss?

While Balenciaga under Nicolas Ghesquiere has carved a successful niche in women’s fashion over the last couple of years, the menswear offerings seem to be a little off the mark. With Ghesquiere, Balenciaga went from a dormant house with lots of history and heritage to one of the hottest of the decade. Original designs drew on the heritage of the master himself and were updated for the 21st century with panache and savoir faire.
Previously Balenciaga’s menswear had been at the mercy of the licensees, and now the house seems to be placing a more direct hold on its menswear designs. One cannot deny the bold use of colour and the inspiration behind the spring summer 2011 collection pour home, however it seems a little to literal for my taste. Some pieces and silhouettes work, while others seem just a little to passé like the pleated trousers and zebra stripes.

I love the looks above and below.

These ones not to sure about.

Is this what we really want for men from Balenciaga?
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