Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Firey Savoir Faire

I love fireplaces, having grown up with them for most of my life, I find them incredibly welcoming and dare I say it ‘cosy’. Traditional fireplaces are wonderful especially if they have the original mantles, and accessorised with a wonderful pair of classic andirons.

Now, it is also no secret that I love hotels as well, and a fireplace in a hotel lobby or room, is a nice reminder that you are somewhere warm and inviting and not necessarily in a hotel. Whether being traditional or ultra modern I love the examples below.

The Crosby Street Hotel in New York has created an almost David Hicks like interior with the deep purple walls and the stark white fireplace in traditional style. Other classical elements in the room such as the chandelier have been updated to a more modern look.

The 101 hotel in Reykjavik is super modern and this has been offset with traditional and natural forms of furniture such as the chairs and the woodblock coffee table.

Who can go past the wonderful free flowing Art Nouveau fireplace in the Galleria Park Hotel in San Francisco? It is all about the shape and the accessories here and it does not need much else.

I am also taking the liberty of actually adding to some of the ultra modern examples below with andirons. I do like the stark simplicity of these however the decorator in me just wants to add something else, not too much mind you.

I would love to team this fabulous white and green marble faced fireplace at the St Paul in Montreal with these wonderful art deco glass and brass horse shaped andirons.

When it comes to this example in a bathroom I think these classical gladiator andirons would just push it over the edge of fabulosity.

The fireplace at the Distrito Capital Hotel although sheer brilliance in its simplicity, could be even better with the brass andirons below.

The nickel plate andirons below would look great against this stainless steel wall.

This fireplace in a hotel in Luxembourg would definitely stand out with this Asian motif inspired andirons.

And just because it is fabulous, the outdoor fireplace around the pool at the Island Hotel in Newport is somewhere where I want to be!

Do you agree with my pairings?

Lip Service with Savoir Faire.

When we think of fashion and surrealism we all immediately think of Schiaparelli. No one mixed the two more perfectly than Schiaparelli. However, other couturiers of the era also dabbled, if not half heartedly with the two.

Lucien Lelong was always known for clothes of simplicity and understated elegance. Lelong also had an incredibly profitable perfume and cosmetic business as well, and this is where he dabbled with surrealism.

I just love the below mink covered lipstick tube from Lelong. Definitely an object deluxe with an edge.

With references to Méret Oppenheim’s fur covered cup and saucer, this lipstick has been elevated to something far more superior than its humble cousins produced by other companies.

The packaging itself signifies that this was something more than your average lipstick. With nothing written on the box except Lucien Lelong if presented with this you would be wondering what treat laid inside. Gold and white is always a classic elegant combination, which is reflected in the gold of the tube and the white of the mink.

Probably not an object for the handbag, but something to rest on your Hollywood Glam dressing table. However if it was something that some young savoir fairee would be carrying around, can you imagine the looks she must have received in the powder room when whipping this out of her handbag!
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