Thursday, September 8, 2011

Savoir Faire and the Cheetahs

Ok, Savoir Faires, I admit it! I am on a bit of a Casati Binge at the moment!

Marchesa Luisa Casati will always be a constant source of inspiration, long after her death in the late 1950’s. Always ready to shock and surprise her public, she had an unusual menagerie of animals ranging from snakes, monkeys and birds surrounding her. These added to her exoticism.
Among this menagerie were two cheetahs. She became famous for her evening strolls around Venice, naked beneath her furs whilst parading these cheetahs on diamond-studded leashes. An unusual sight in Venice at the time, one that was devised to shock the residents and haute monde of Venice.

An unusual pet, no? Well obviously the Marchesa did not think so and neither do the women below!

And yourselves? What would you like as pet full of savoir faire?
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