Thursday, May 20, 2010

Carla Faire

Carla Zampatti along with Prue Acton and Trent Nathan formed the nucleus of the Australian Fashion industry way back in the 1960’s. Prue Acton gave it all up in the 80’s to devote all her energies to art and Trent Nathan retired leaving his label to languish only to be reduced to a shadow of it’s former self, however set for a revival. Only Carla Zampatti has soldiered on and succeed she has! There is always a possibility that an old label headed by the same designer over 40 years or so can seem stale and dated, however Ms. Zampatti goes from strength to strength, creating beautiful, elegant clothes with few gimmicks, that ooze savoir faire.

Born in Italy and immigrating to Australia in 1950 with her parents, she has bought Italian style to Australian fashion that translates well into the Australian lifestyle.

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