Tuesday, June 30, 2009

21st Century Savoir Faire

Should I be waxing lyrical about a strikingly modern interior that seems devoid of any sort of ornamentation when it is located in a highly ornate Victorian shopping arcade? YES!

Sydney’s Strand Arcade is a veritable institution of all that is Victorian. It is a wonderful place of high Victorian ambiance in a very modern Sydney. Once Sydney’s downtown core offered a profusion of this style of arcade, however sadly all are gone except The Strand. You can walk through and escape to another era, while feasting upon a wonderful array of retailers.

One retailer stands alone in the Strand and that is Aesop’s new flagship boutique. This is an incredibly stark modern space; however it goes far beyond that. Walk in from the highly ornate space that is the Strand, right into the 21st Century. However this is the 21st century with intimacy. You have to look beyond the overall design to see the subtle details that make this a warm and inviting place, which fits in perfectly with Aesop’s design aesthetic.

Forgoing decoration of any sort, the product itself is the decoration. Line upon line of product on curved shelves creates a piece of art which is constantly changing when product is removed or added by customers and employees. The wall of product has rhythmic quality that although very linear draws the eye in. The subdued lighting softens the hard white porcelain of the sinks and makes them extremely personal.

So next time I am back in Sydney, I know where I am headed, for a visit.
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