Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Savoir Quotes with a Desert Theme

Two of my favourite quotes from the movies with savoir faire unfortunately come from two movies that are not well known. Funnily enough they both concern alcohol and the desert

Most colourful is Dyan Cannon who plays the talent agent in that little known gem “The Last of Sheila” from 1973. When needing a drink Dyan murmurs.

"My mouth is so dry they could shoot 'Lawrence of Arabia' in it"

She also goes on to say at another stage in the film.

"I hate my luggage more than life itself" (Obviously she didn’t have any Vuitton in tow)

The next one is from “Modesty Blaise” from 1966, based very loosely on the comic strip of the same name. (Bad movie but very camp and enjoyable)

Dirk Borgarde (Mmmm!!) plays the high camp villain Gabriel who towards the end of the movie is lost in the desert, and murmurs;

“Champagne, Champagne”
Other mere mortals would be murmuring “water, water”

Schiaparelli Savoir Faire Relaunch?

Constant rumors are abounding over the possible relaunch of the House of Schiaparelli after a hiatus over 50 years. In fact I am sure in some circles it is the only thing on everyone’s lips, if not only for the correct pronunciation of her name.

There is a website floating out there in cyber space http://www.schiaparelli.com/ that does hint of a possible relaunch however there are no links. It is a visual feast of all the things Schiap became known for, however that is it. Owner Diego Della Valle is being very tight lipped.

So the question on everyone’s lips is who? Which designer is going to be given the heavy task of the reinterpretation of Schiaparelli’s style into the 21st century, with enough savoir faire, so that it doesn’t seem a parody of its original self?

The possible relaunch comes at a time when surrealism is hot. The Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto is currently running an exhibition called “Surreal Things”, which prominently showcases some of Schiaparelli’ work from dresses, accessories and perfumes, even recreating (with the original, no doubt) the gilded birdcage that displayed her perfumes in the 21 Place Vendome boutique in Paris. Also on display is the iconic Dali Tear dress of the 1930’s, Dali's lobster dress worn by the Duchess of Windsor and the famous shoe hat.

Gossip has it that Olivier Theyskens is tagged to be named creative director. After stints at reviving Rochas (a bit short lived) and Nina Ricci, we wonder if this is going to last if he is the chosen one.

So style mavericks keep your fingers crossed that this is true and we will see Schiaparelli live again and that it won’t be a complete disaster!
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