Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Illuminated Savoir Faire

I like well furnished rooms with style, elegance and panache. All too often these days our interiors are replicas of what we see on TV or magazines, lacking any real personal style or savoir faire. And lighting ………, what can I say? Down lights and pot lights seem to be deriguer, just adding to the overall blandness of today’s interiors. Lamps of good design seem even harder to come by with limited choice in design available, unless we are wanting depart with the equivalent of the GDP of a small African country.

I am lusting over the below examples that with their immaculate styling and panache will lift any room out of the doldrums. Admitted that most of these are from a different era than our own, one can only wonder what sort of visual impact would they have on today’s interiors.

Bronze Table Lamps

Candelabra Style Lamp
Pair of Lucite Table Lamps

Iron Coral Branch Chandaleir
Gaetano Sciolari Chandeleir

*All images coutesy Gustavo Olivieri.

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